Disability Insurance

Could you and your family survive without your income for 30 days? How about 90 days?

On average one third of people in Canada will be disabled for three months or more before they reach the age of 65. That means the likelihood of you becoming injured and being unable to work is higher than you might think. Your ability to earn income is your biggest asset – shouldn’t you safeguard it?

A disability doesn’t have to be a workplace injury but anything that prevents you from undertaking your normal day to day professional duties. Adding RBC Disability Insurance to your portfolio is a great investment, and will help ease financial burdens if you’re ever unable to work for an extended period.

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RBC Disability Insurance Coverage

  • Depending on which package you choose, your RBC Disability Insurance plan will include a range of features like:
  • Choosing whether your disability coverage will last for five years, or until age 65
  • Deciding whether your benefits start, 30 days after your injury, 90 or 120 days after you become injured.
  • Return to work benefits if you require modifications to your work environment to accommodate your needs including assistive devices, rehabilitation or retraining.
  • Being able to stay in control of your policy if you change jobs or careers.
  • Not paying premiums while you’re injured and collecting your insurance benefits.
  • Many plans also allow you to return to work on a modified schedule and still claim some of your disability benefits as a top up to your pay cheque.
  • Being able to increase your monthly benefit payment after a salary increase with no further medical exams.

It isn’t always the case that your regular health insurance provider will cover your recovery cost. Taking the precaution to protect yourself with disability insurance today prevents you from fully losing your income while you recover from illness or injury.

Why do you need Disability Insurance?

A disability can include injuries sustained on vacation, cancer that required chemotherapy, a heart attack or mental health issues, not just a workplace accident. Any of these situations, amongst others, could happen to you. If you do become disabled and you aren’t protected with the proper insurance, you might struggle to make ends meet.

Have you considered that:

  • The disability insurance that came with your mortgage isn’t as comprehensive as a stand alone individual plan. In most cases it only offers enough income to cover the costs of your monthly payments to the bank.
  • Benefits from the government aren’t guaranteed and they might not be enough to cover your monthly expenditures.
  • Relying on your savings can quickly deplete the funds you’ve worked hard to put aside.
  • Having to sell your assets quickly to cover costs can result in not getting the full value, and can be a stressful experience in an already difficult time.
  • It can be challenging to have to borrow from family members, especially if you aren’t sure how long it will be before you can return to work.
  • Banks can be hesitant to lend to you if you’re not able to work.

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