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Elements Plans from Medavie Blue Cross: Which One is Right for Me?

The Medavie Blue Cross Elements plan isn’t just one health plan—it’s a fully customizable coverage package that gives you complete control over your health and finances.

For people who have grown accustomed to having no choice in their health insurance plan, such as people who have been on an employer’s group plan, being suddenly faced with so many options could feel overwhelming. Don’t worry! Elements by Medavie Blue Cross is easy to understand, and we are here to answer any questions you may still have after reading this post.
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5 Benefits of Medavie Blue Cross (That You Didn’t Know Until Now)

If you’ve read much of this blog, you probably are already aware of the many benefits of private health insurance and the importance of getting it before you need it. The peace of mind and financial security offered by health insurance isn’t something only Medavie Blue Cross offers. There are lots of insurance companies out there, and they can all help protect you from unexpected or routine medical expenses both now and later in life.

Here are some benefits and advantages of Medavie Blue Cross which the people I talk to often find surprising.
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Assured Access: Protecting Your Health Insurance Benefits For Life

When’s the last time you worried about your health insurance benefits? For some—especially in this uncertain economy—it’s a constant worry, as the loss of a job could mean losing your health insurance benefits with no warning.

Others have experienced unemployment before and remember having to halt ongoing dental work, put off vision tests, and dig into savings to pay for medication while they searched for a new job with health benefits.

Still others are approaching retirement and wondering what will happen to their group benefits after hanging up their hats. You may be able to keep your employer benefits after retiring, but the terms of those health insurance plans could change at any time.
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Managing Type 2 Diabetes: The Best Health Insurance is Prevention

No matter how you approach it, weight is a touchy subject. It’s true that being thin doesn’t automatically equal being healthy—we all know someone who somehow stays slim despite an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise—but gaining and keeping on too much weight has been proven to be a contributing factor to a number of health issues. People are often hesitant to talk about weight, but it’s a conversation we need to have if we’re serious about taking care of our health.
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Protect Your Family’s Summer Travel with Summertime Blue from Blue Cross

Despite a recent blast of wintry weather (the last one, we all hope!), summer is indeed just around the corner. The kids are already counting down to summer vacation, and us adults are dreaming of relaxing cottage getaways. In the Atlantic provinces, we’re very lucky to live within driving distance of many exciting destinations—we are sure at least one is on your wishlist this summer.

In this post, we want to tell you about the best way to protect your family’s health and finances this summer—Blue Cross’ Summertime Blue unlimited travel insurance plans, which will cover you and your family for unlimited travel between June 6 and September 6 for as little as $165 per family.


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The Medavie Healthy Change Program is Making a Difference

In our last blog post, we talked about the Medavie Health Foundation and its support of the Atlantic Wellness Community Center. The Foundation has helped dozens of other community groups, projects, and charities—all with a focus on creating healthier communities with better access to prevention of and support for health challenges like type 2 diabetes and mental health issues. Click here to see more stories made possible by the Medavie Health Foundation.

In October 2015, the Medavie Health Foundation announced the launch of the Healthy Change Project. This volunteer program connects employees of the Foundation’s funding partners (Medavie Blue Cross and Medavie EMS) with organizations receiving financial support from the Foundation. 
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Medavie Health Foundation Helps At-Risk NB Youth

In 2014, the Atlantic Wellness Community Center was in danger of closing its doors.

Open for just two years at that time, the Center was overwhelmed by demand for its services—providing free mental health counselling to youth in need. The Center is a publicly funded registered charity and, at the time, was providing counselling and other mental health services to about 400 youth in southeastern New Brunswick.

In 2015, the Medavie Health Foundation committed to providing the Atlantic Wellness Community Center with $40,000 in funding for its Open Doors counselling program, meaning the Center could offer an additional 1,200 hours of free therapy for at-risk youth. The Center would also be able to schedule a youth’s first session within 14 days of their initial contact.

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Blue Cross: A Different Kind of Health Insurance

There are lots of reasons why I’m proud to offer health insurance plans from Medavie Blue Cross. It’s a great company with a proven track record in the healthcare industry. Blue Cross even underwrites the Nova Scotia MSI program—for the provincial government In my experience, they’re simply the best and most reliable choice for heath insurance.
In this post, I want to talk about another reason why I love working with Medavie Blue Cross. They (like myself) believe that healthier communities promote healthier individuals, and they do some pretty amazing work to help keep our communities healthy.

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