October 2016

How Health Insurance From Blue Cross Supports These 5 Initiatives

The Medavie Health Foundation does outstanding work contributing to the well-being of Canadians. They sponsor countless community-based organizations and programs, working to ensure that Atlantic Canadians can easily access support to prevent and treat health issues or challenges. As contributing to community development is a core value ours, the Medavie Health Foundation is just one reason we are proud to offer Blue Cross health insurance products.

Here are some initiatives that you’re¬†supporting¬†directly when you choose health insurance from Blue Cross. Read more »

Retirement Planning, Health Insurance and Life Insurance: What You Need to Know

When we think about retirement, many of us imagine finally putting our feet up or not having to set that alarm. Relaxing, enjoying our hobbies, and spending time with our families top the list of preferred activities. We don’t spend a lot of time daydreaming about the insurance coverage we’ll have when once we’re finished working. However, as you do your retirement planning, you should also consider the health insurance and life insurance options available to you.

Will Your Group Plan Coverage Extend to Your Retirement?

Retirement planning can be complex. There are often many considerations, including whether we’ll be able to maintain the health insurance we currently have from our employers. Speak to your employer early on in your retirement planning to confirm whether you’ll still have access to your current level of coverage. Read more »