Student Health Insurance: Go Back to School With Blue Cross

Student Health Insurance

Going back to school as a young adult in university or college is a bit more complicated than going back to high school. There are courses to register for, apartment leases to sign and roommates to find, student loans to secure, secondhand furniture to hunt down, and moving vans to book. Going back to university or college has a to-do list that can seem miles long, so taking a look at your health insurance options may be an afterthought.

If you’re too old for your parents’ health insurance plan, you may be counting on your school’s student health insurance to cover any health-related costs starting in September. And while student plans can be sufficient for some people, you should still consider the benefits of starting your own health insurance plan.

More Benefits, No Blackouts

Some student health insurance plans have a blackout period (often over the summer) where coverage is temporarily suspended. Usually, the plan will continue to cover any recurring prescriptions during this time, but extended benefits and dental benefits, for example, may be withheld.

Health insurance plans from Medavie Blue Cross are always in effect because they’re controlled by you, not your school. In addition, you can enjoy better benefits by choosing your own plan. And while your school may change the terms of your coverage to cut costs, your Medavie Blue Cross plan will never change—unless you want it to.

A side-by-side comparison of your school’s insurance plan and a Medavie Blue Cross Elements plan will show you opportunities to get better coverage with a private plan. While each university and college is different, choosing an Essentials Elements plan would give you more massage therapy coverage, more medical supply coverage, and equal or better coverage on prescription drugs compared to one popular Nova Scotian university plan.

Invest In Your Future Health

Another advantage of choosing a private plan over your college or university’s plan is that you can continue to benefit from it for the rest of your adult life. Once you graduate from school, you can no longer be covered by their health insurance plan. If you have developed a health condition during your post-secondary years, it will now be considered a pre-existing condition and may not be covered when you do apply for your own health insurance plan.

Establishing coverage with Medavie Blue Cross now means that any health issues that may arise will always be covered by your health insurance plan. Plus, if you get a job with included health benefits right out of school, you can suspend your plan using Assured Access and pick right back up again (with no loss of coverage) if you need more benefits later in life.

Establishing yourself in your future career can take some time. If you take an internship or work part-time in your field once you’re finished school, you likely will not have any employer health benefits. Continuing coverage that’s already in place will be much less of a headache than trying to set up a brand new plan while you’re working to establish your career (and will likely be less expensive!).

Save Money By Opting Out…

If you have private health coverage, you may opt out of your student health plan, saving you up to several hundred dollars in fees. You will spend this money on your personal plan, of course—but it’s an investment in a coverage plan that will be with you your whole life, rather than just for the next few years.

…Or Coordinate Your Health Benefits

With a personal health plan from Medavie Blue Cross, you will also have the option of keeping your student health plan and coordinating benefits for even greater coverage. For example, if your student health plan covers $100 annually for glasses or contacts and your personal plan covers $150, you can coordinate benefits to receive up to $250 reimbursement for a new pair of glasses.

Medavie Blue Cross Is A Great Choice For Students

The best thing about Medavie Blue Cross plans is how flexible they are. After setting up your personal plan you can add additional coverages, suspend your plan with Assured Access without risking loss of future coverage, coordinate benefits, or save money by opting out of your student plan.

Most university or college health plans are mandatory unless you can prove you have a personal health coverage plan. Either way, you have to have health insurance—so why not invest in health insurance that will cover you your whole life instead of just until you graduate?

If you want to talk about the best back-to-school health insurance options for yourself or your child, get in touch with us today to set up a no-obligation consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any health insurance questions you may have.

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