May 2016

5 Benefits of Medavie Blue Cross (That You Didn’t Know Until Now)

If you’ve read much of this blog, you probably are already aware of the many benefits of private health insurance and the importance of getting it before you need it. The peace of mind and financial security offered by health insurance isn’t something only Medavie Blue Cross offers. There are lots of insurance companies out there, and they can all help protect you from unexpected or routine medical expenses both now and later in life.

Here are some benefits and advantages of Medavie Blue Cross which the people I talk to often find surprising.
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Assured Access: Protecting Your Health Insurance Benefits For Life

When’s the last time you worried about your health insurance benefits? For some—especially in this uncertain economy—it’s a constant worry, as the loss of a job could mean losing your health insurance benefits with no warning.

Others have experienced unemployment before and remember having to halt ongoing dental work, put off vision tests, and dig into savings to pay for medication while they searched for a new job with health benefits.

Still others are approaching retirement and wondering what will happen to their group benefits after hanging up their hats. You may be able to keep your employer benefits after retiring, but the terms of those health insurance plans could change at any time.
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