May 2015

The New Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans: Discover the Facts About the Elements Plans!

Recently, you may have heard that Medavie Blue Cross is rolling out a new line of health insurance plans called Elements. The Elements plans replace the Options and Options Plus plans, and are designed to give you far more flexibility and freedom when it comes to selecting the health insurance coverage that is best for you. Of course, when people initially hear that health insurance companies are changing their plans, there are always a lot of questions that come up. In this post, we hope to answer a few of the most common questions we are hearing about Elements in order to help you make a more informed decision about which health insurance is right for you.

Why Elements Instead of Options or Options Plus? 

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Travel Insurance: Enjoy Blue Cross Coverage Wherever You Go This Summer!

Summer is just around the corner and that means you and your family are probably looking to get away for some fun and relaxation. In order to truly enjoy your time away this summer, you owe it to yourself and your family to purchase travel insurance. Even if you’re traveling within Canada, travel insurance can provide you with immeasurable benefits. In this post, we speak about the benefits of choosing to purchase travel insurance before your next trip, then we’ll touch on Blue Cross’ Summertime Blue promotion, which is a great option for families out looking for adventurers this summer.

The Security of Travel Insurance

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Blue Cross Health Insurance: Discover the Exciting New Plans!

People who are insured by Medavie Blue Cross are no doubt well aware of the variety and versatility that is available in their policies. Coupled with convenience, Medavie Blue Cross has built a reputation as an insurer you can trust. For many years, Options and Options Plus plans have been giving people the peace of mind they need to live their life, their way. Now, they’re making it even easier to get coverage that is perfect for you with their new Blue Cross Elements plans. Elements are designed to be flexible for you and your needs, allowing you to pick and choose your own customized plans. In this piece, we provide an overview of the new Elements plans, so you can have a better idea of what they are all about, as well as how they will benefit you.

Health Insurance: One Size Does Not Fit All

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