November 2014

What Do the Changes to the NB Health Plan Mean for Me?

We’ve been getting lots of questions from New Brunswickers about how the mandatory health plan will affect them in light of the election of the Liberal Government in September. There could very well be changes to the proposed mandatory drug coverage, including the deadline for enrolment. Regardless of what happens with this legislation, now is still a great time to evaluate your insurance options and determine whether a personal health plan would be in the best interests of you and your family.

Personal Health Insurance

Why Get Health Insurance Now?
The very best time there is to get started¬†with your health insurance application is when you’re healthy, although that might seem counterintuitive. Did you know that if you’re diagnosed with a medical condition or you sustain an injury when you don’t have your health insurance in place, it will not be covered when you are eventually approved? Any medical problems you have prior to getting your coverage are considered “pre-existing” conditions and are excluded from your benefits. The best time to purchase your policy is when you don’t need it! Read more »