October 2014

Why Your Health Insurance Should Include Prescription Drugs

When you’re deciding which type of Blue Cross health insurance will be best for your family, you’ll have the choice between the Options and Options Plus plans. Both of these offer you the choice to add a module covering prescription drugs. When making the important decision between these two, many people don’t consider why prescription drug coverage should always be a cornerstone of your insurance policy. Here are 3 reasons why you should never purchase a health insurance package without coverage for medication.

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Prescription Drugs Aren’t Covered by MSI

Provincial health plans in Nova Scotia don’t cover prescription medication, except in a few specific cases. Once you require medication, it is too late to get prescription coverage. Read more »

How Can A Second Opinion About Life Insurance Help Me?

Deciding which life insurance policy is best suited to your needs and current situation can be a big decision, and can seem stressful if you aren’t sure which policy is best. Often times, our clients come to us with an insurance already policy in place and want to find out if they’re getting the very best value for their money. We also answer lots of questions from people who aren’t sure they’ll be able to access life insurance because of their medical history or current health situation.

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We’re happy to review insurance policies—it can be a great for peace of mind! Read on to learn several reasons why getting a second opinion on your life insurance options can provide you with valuable alternatives.  Read more »

Six Reasons Why Blue Cross Health Insurance is the Best Option for Maritimers

With so many options, it can seem intimidating to choose a health insurance policy: what if you don’t get the best value or you don’t get the add-ons that you need for your coverage to be truly useful? You won’t have that worry about that with a Medavie Blue Cross plan, and here are six reasons why.

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Did you know that Medavie Blue Cross is a non-profit company? That means when you choose them as your health insurance provider, a lot of the profit they make will be returned to the community. Medavie Blue Cross is one of only a handful of insurance companies that work on a not for profit basis so you can trust that your coverage has been designed with your best interests in mind. Read more »

How Life Insurance Can Help Your Family Avoid Unexpected Stress

Thinking about what will happen at the end of your life can be uncomfortable, particularly if you’re young and plan on spending many more decades with your family and friends. However, there are a few important choices you can make when you’re healthy, particularly when it comes to securing a life insurance policy, that will ensure your family and the executor of your will are able to carry out your final wishes without any financial strain.

How can life insurance help my family at the end of my life? Read more »

Four Personal Health Insurance Benefits that you Might not have Considered

As Canadians, we’re lucky we live in a country where visits to the doctor for advice or help and trips to the hospital for emergencies or routine surgeries don’t require us to pay out of our own pockets to get the care that we need. But, lots of times, we forget that if we need any treatment outside of the hospital or doctor’s office, like prescription medication or even hearing aids and glasses, those costs aren’t covered and we do have to pay ourselves for that. And those expenses can add up quickly, especially for families. Read more »