September 2014

Could you get Life Insurance without a Medical?

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Did you know that non-medical life insurance, the “no exam life insurance” you can secure without discussing your medical history in detail, provides a great alternative to standard life insurance, without the paperwork, waiting periods, and medical exams that come with it?

What is No Medical Life Insurance?

Simply put, non-medical life insurance is a type of life insurance that you can get without having to undergo a medical exam or without having a physician sign off on your health status. With traditional life insurance, your medical records are usually required to determine the coverage level and benefits you’re eligible for which can be really stressful for some people. However, with non-medical coverage, often called easy access life insurance or no medical life insurance, you’ll just have to answer a few simple questions about your current health status. There’s even a chance that if you’ve been declined insurance previously or told you’re not insurable that you’ll be able to obtain non-medical life coverage. Read more »

Health Insurance in Nova Scotia: What MSI Does and Doesn’t Cover

Compared to many countries, we’re very lucky to live somewhere that many of the costs related to staying healthy or accessing emergency health care are taken care of by the government. Health Insurance in Nova Scotia is available for all permanent residents to access through the provincial Medical Service Insurance (MSI). Your provincial coverage includes any expenses that you incur when you’re in the hospital, like surgeries or emergency treatment, or when you’re at your doctor’s office to discuss a particular issue or for a routine exam.

However, MSI doesn’t include the costs of a number of health and wellness related services and costs that are crucial to maintaining your good health. For now, let’s divide them into prescription medication and equipment, routine specialists visits, and alternative and supplementary therapies.Nova Scotia Health Insurance

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