February 2014

Why You Need Private Health Insurance in Nova Scotia

Public health insurance in Nova Scotia is a great idea that doesn’t always translate well in practice. Unfortunately, the reality of providing every single citizen in Nova Scotia the level of quality care they deserve is at best, a daunting task, and is at worst, almost impossible for our overtaxed government.  Public health programs covering Atlantic Canada do not always meet your particular needs and purchasing a supplement health insurance program can make it so that you get the fast access to the quality care your family needs and deserves. Read more »

Make Use of Your Dental Insurance Coverage: Go to the Dentist

If you have private dental insurance coverage, it’s time to make use of it and go to the dentist. Private dental insurance coverage isn’t just for those unfortunate times when you wake up with a toothache; dental insurance coverage is largely meant for preventative care. Preventative care means that you visit the dentist regularly for a tooth cleaning and checkup; if a problem is discovered during a routine visit, it’s easier to get it under control sooner rather than later. Read more »